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Ep 54 - Germany (part 3) - Around Europe on a Motorcycle

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I continue on the Western part of Germany. I am on my way to Koblenz, but before I want to visit Wurzbrug for a couple of hours and check out the city.

I manage to reach the geographical centre of EU, as it was formed after Croatia entered the Union and then I go to Koblenz, where I will meet once again with Jonas. (the guy that I was travelling with in Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina)

I stay in Koln for a couple of days in Hotel owned by some Greek friend and then I hit the road again to reach Hamburg, making a 2 hour stop to Dusseldorf.

The traffic in Germany is unbearable. An "easy" route becomes tiring and frustrating due to traffic jams that are being created because of Road maintenance services.. And thats everywhere!!! Even the autobahn!


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Trip made possible by:

Chr. Kapodistrias :

X-power Motorcycle Service :

P. Pallikaras :

Psihogios tires (Greece) :

Cyprus Motorcycle academy :

Vp racing fuels Cyprus :

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