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Ep 30 - Kosovo - Motorcycle Trip around Europe

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Kossovo! what a nice experience that was.

Entering Kosovo everything changed around me.

All of a sudden I found my self in a more "Anatolian country" despite that there is a huge like for America, Nato and the western countries.

Kosovo is trying to get it's independence as a country since they declared intendence from Serbia back in 2008.

The western countries and NATO are recognising Kosovo as an independed country since they have a lot of benefit of a small land in the balkans but it's not recognised by Serbia and the rest of Eastern countries.

The religion is mostly Muslims, but there are a lot of Christian churches and monasteries all over the country since it was a Serbian land before. The NATO presence is everywhere and especially in religious buildings.

The majority people of Kosovo are not fanaticised by religions, and they have a lot of good relations with the rest of the citizens that are Orthodox Christians or Catholics, but about a year back there were some actions of vandalism and weapons were found.

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