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All my expenses for one year on the Road in Europe

Many of you, are asking me how I finance my trip and where do I find the money to pay for my accommodation, the petrol, the food and the rest of the expenses. People think that in order to do such a big trip you need to be a millionaire. That's not the case. If you think about it, I would not be living in my tent for about the half trip and eat pasta almost every day if I was a millionaire. You don't really need to have lots of money. What you really wanna do is spent as less as possible. Before heading off to this trip of a lifetime, I was working quite a lot of hours to collect some money, just to be able to live on the road.

When I collected the amount I sat down and counted again my expenses just to be sure that I didn't miss anything. I figured that the budget I set and collected was not enough. So I stayed and worked for one more year, and the same thing happened again. The money were not enough. I realised then, that the money will never be enough. I needed to start my trip with the small budget that I had and spent as less as possible. One year later, after seeing 18 countries, counting 37000 kilometers on my bike, I was glad to see that I was right and anyone can really travel in Europe with a small amount.

In the charts below you will be able to see all my expenses. This is everything that I payed from the day that I left my country.

Motorcycle and Service parts is everything I needed to buy or change on the bike (tires, chain, sprockets, rectifier, filters etc...).

Accommodation includes hostels and paid camping sites.

Food (ready) is everything I bought and it was ready to eat or drink including coffee, soft drinks, hotdogs in gas stations and street food.

Supermarket includes ingredients that I needed to buy for cooking, and any supplies.

Other includes some Taxes, electronic gear (hard drives, lenses, memory cards, cell phone carrier bills and other small amounts that I made it into one category). Ferries and Transport is everything I spent to move around the countries or buses and public transportation in the cities.

In the TOTAL amount I include the cost of my website hosting fees, and in a different category the cigarettes that I bought and of course travelling in Europe for one year is impossible not to receive a speeding ticket.

8316 Euro for One year! 693 Euro per month (average)

23 Euro per day (average)

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Considering that I wanted my average budget for at least 2 years on the road to be about 20 Euro per day, I must say that I was a bit strict on my budget after some bad luck I had with the bike and realised that a lot of money are getting spent there. (The second biggest expense). I am about 1000 Euro above my target but the trip continues for at least 1,5 years more and I am very optimistic that in the following year the average per day will drop since I found a lot of help upon arriving in Greece from X-power motorcycle service in Moschato, Athens serviced my bike for free and from Psihogios tires, Greece that offered me a set of tires to continue my trip.

In the pie chart down below is the same amount that shows the percentages.


In the following chart you will be able to see my accomodations for 365 days.

Camping - 135 days

Hostels - 90 days

Hosted in peoples houses or MC clubs - 138 days Hotels - 2

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