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Transalp service after one year on the road!

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Well I reached Greece and it was time to make a general service to the bike! Through a good friend I went to the motorcycle service shop of Giorgos in Moschato, Athens. Giorgos is a very proffesional guy that has a lot of years in the business and the deal was to use his place and his tools to make the service alone and he would help me adjust the valves and do some other things that I didn't know of with out charging me.

I would pay only for the matterials we needed such is oil filters, some o rings, bearings, oil seals and dust seals.

After finishing the service of the bike Giorgos told me that he liked what I am doing so much and he was happy to help me out during all the process so there is no charge for the matterials. He didn't only use three full days on my bike, he showed me how to service the front forks and how to adjust the valves. What he done on the bike. Valve adjustment,

Front forks service,

Rear shock adjustment,

Changed all the bearings (wheels and steering)

Cleaned the air intakes

Changed oil and oil filter Changed watercooling fluid Changed break fluid

A small fix to the rectifier Cleaned the air filter

Thanks a lot Giorgos!

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