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Ep 60 - Czech Republic (part 3) - Around Europe on a Motorcycle

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Last days in Czech republic.

I start at Kutna Hora, a very cozy and beautiful town of Czechia with narrow stone paved streets and amazing churches,

I visit Pekenle Doly, a cave that was transformed in the motorcycle club by the local motorcyclists of the town.

I visit Praque where my laptop gets stolen from day 1.

Not the best way to start my visit in a beautiful capital.

I spent the first 3 days visiting the police department to give statements and go through the CCTV footage to find the thief.

I am not in the mood but I have to swallow up the unfortunate event and go to see the city before the end of my visit.


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Trip made possible by:

Chr. Kapodistrias :

X-power Motorcycle Service :

P. Pallikaras :

Psihogios tires (Greece) :

Cyprus Motorcycle academy :

Vp racing fuels Cyprus :

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