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Romania | Country Info

Romania map -

Paperwork - ID - Passport - Visa - Driving license

Romania is a member country of EU

You can enter the country with ID card if you are a European citizen No need to issue visa if you are a European citizen

You will need your vehicle ownership document.

You don’t need to have an international driving licence when traveling to Romania, as long as your licence is valid and has a photograph.

Currency: Romanian Lei


Super 95 (Unleaded), Premium 98, Diesel, LPG

There are fuel stations everywhere but usually you will find some at the entrance and exit of each city, town or village. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

You can find the latest prices here


No tolls or vignette for motorcycles

Speed Limits

Romania speed limits

Usefull phone Numbers

Paneuropean emergency number: 112

Police: 955 Fire department: 981 Road assistance : 112

Interesting way points and roads:


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